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The Pain that Lies Beneath

I think it’s a judgment call we all need to make at times. Do I make an argument and address her incorrect beliefs now? Do I just listen and empathize with her? Do I do both? I believe we can trust that God will guide us as we make these decisions in our conversations.

Human Fetuses Are Not Parasites Part 2

“Parasite” is not a neutral term. It has incredibly negative connotations that negatively influence the human psyche towards the “thing” that is being referred to. Throughout the course of conversation, if we can help someone understand the true value and dignity in preborn human beings, she won’t use such a dehumanizing word to refer to another human being who is essentially just like herself.

A Changed Heart at Fort Lewis

Talking about abortion opens up natural opportunities to share the gospel. Abortion is wrong because human beings matter so much. But we only truly matter if there is a loving God who created us with dignity and purpose.

“So we decided to keep the baby!”

For all of the other children who don’t make it out of the abortion clinic and for all the parents who have to hold the weight of their child’s death because they didn’t walk away, the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus is their hope just as it is our hope, and we get to be messengers of that lifeline.

Conversations in a Post-Roe America

I don’t know what state the women are in who yelled at me in Texas. But I do know that all of the conversations you and I have had and those we will have are under the loving and sovereign supervision of the God who cares far more about human beings than we ever will. When the results of our conversations are uncertain, we can trust Him, because in Him they are not uncertain at all.

To Christians Upset About Roe’s Reversal

To my fellow believers who are saddened and upset by Roe’s reversal, I encourage you to reconsider what abortion actually is. Have you forgotten the brutality of it? Have you forgotten that our unborn neighbors have no avenue of defense while a doctor goes into the womb and tears apart their little body until there is no life left?