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To Christians Upset About Roe’s Reversal

To my fellow believers who are saddened and upset by Roe’s reversal, I encourage you to reconsider what abortion actually is. Have you forgotten the brutality of it? Have you forgotten that our unborn neighbors have no avenue of defense while a doctor goes into the womb and tears apart their little body until there is no life left?

Did I Say the Right Thing?

In the midst of the doubts these experiences and questions can bring, I think it’s deeply important that we don’t allow these doubts and questions to keep us from engaging those around us.

Response to Kathryn Kolbert’s TED Talk

Let’s set aside, for now, the fact that the three claims she brings up are woefully inadequate and inaccurate representations of the case pro-lifers make against legal abortion. Let’s assume for the moment that her representation is good. What are we to make of these three claims?

Equal Rights and Unborn Children

So if equality truly matters, we must be willing to extend equal rights to unborn human beings. We must be willing to extend those rights to others even if it’s inconvenient to us. If we do not, then we are just picking and choosing which human beings get rights.