Give people second chances. Third chances. Even fourth chances. Don’t give up on them too quickly. What is going on inside of people is like that deep well we read about in Proverbs 20:5. We are not going to get to the bottom quickly. Many people are angry, hurt, confused, and lost. That may make for some rough beginnings to our conversations, but that’s okay.

I think it’s a judgment call we all need to make at times. Do I make an argument and address her incorrect beliefs now? Do I just listen and empathize with her? Do I do both? I believe we can trust that God will guide us as we make these decisions in our conversations.

“Parasite” is not a neutral term. It has incredibly negative connotations that negatively influence the human psyche towards the “thing” that is being referred to. Throughout the course of conversation, if we can help someone understand the true value and dignity in preborn human beings, she won’t use such a dehumanizing word to refer to another human being who is essentially just like herself.